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Yes…that is me in June 2018, as a fairy, walking through the woods, covered in glitter, in an outfit made entirely by me… this pretty much sums up my life. If it’s magical, mystical, mysterious, terrifying, covered in glitter or a glorious combination of any of these it is in my life.

That was actually me playing ‘Tinkerbell’ in an outdoor production of Peter Pan we created in June 2018! Random fact… my great great grandfather played cricket with JM Barrie and inspired the character Captain Hook!

But this blog is not about Captain Hook…or Tinkerbell… necessarily. This is a Blog about being fabulous…dressing fabulous…leading a fabulous life of happiness…following my fabulous journey down a road I have never been and all the hella NOT fabulous things that happen in the middle!!

To read about me…head to my blog post It’s Me! but generally…I love Frank & Honest coffee, yoga is amazing, positive thinking isn’t even a choice anymore just f***ing do it, coloured hair is the way forward, theatre and creation are two of the most amazing things in the world, design is my jam and if it’s chocolate I will eat it, drink it, inhale it, consume it, etc.

But Life? Life can be a shitstorm..no joke! And to this new/young generation life can be pretty damn rough. Yeah sure, a bunch of us went to college and got degrees but the world has changed and getting a degree is often worth squat. We are a generation of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, box-smashers and internet trenders and the world is our oyster…we just have to figure out how the hell to make it work in our favour and find the goddanm horizon we’re meant to be ‘further-ing’!

So here is my journey to building my lifestyle and career around skills that I have spent a looong time developing and I am only scratching the tip of the ice-burg, my journey being in my mid-twenties in a world where many people still expect us to get a 9-5 job that doesn’t exist (and, tbh, would drive me absolutely bonkers) and my journey to figuring out what it means to have my life together enough to consider myself ‘successful’… so let’s see where the journey takes me!

Please send me your comments, questions, opinions, stories or anything at all, I’d love to hear from you fabulous people!

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Peace and love, y’all

Stay Fabulous