It’s me!… Wait.. Who is Me?!

Woo! First blog entry….so psyched!! Okay…so usually when I have been asked to write blogs it has been for other people, for websites, for promo and so on…sooo this idea of ‘write whatever I want’ is new to me so bare (do we use bare or bear for this??) with me!

Months ago I had intended to start a blog and vlog to talk about all the ways the reader/listener could improve their life, so I set up a Facebook page and made a bunch of ‘self-help’ videos and started editing them aaaaand found out that I sounded like an entitled gobshite who thought I had it all figured out, which I most definitely do not! Who was I to tell everyone how to move forward with their dreams when I was so freaking lost as to what I was going to do to start making enough money to pay for the fab kitchen getting put in this summer?! Self-help videos are AMAZING, as are many of the books, and I looooove listening to my coaching training videos but me? I am just about as put together as the wedding cake that falls apart in the van on the way to the reception! But life is fun and while I am currently researching the crap out of my business idea that may actually be the path I’ve been shying away from for the past year, I thought you might like to share the journey with me!

First and foremost…who the bloody hell am I? Well… we’re all figuring that out but here’s an insight as to me so far! My name is Sonia (woo! One answer I can always get right!), I live for theatre and drama and all things fabulous. This March my friend and I celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Theatre Production Company The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company (check us out because we are awesome) where we have been creating a tonne of amazing work about all sorts of topics that no one wants to talk about and creating stunning designs on a crazy tight budget. Also, I am obsessed with sewing, I love sewing costumes, dresses, cushion covers, princess dress, upcycling whatever I can find… Total sidetrack but…When I was doing my Junior Cert (GSCE’s for you UKers) I was determined to make this outfit but I was meant to be studying so mum confiscated the sewing machine so I would sneak out my sewing box whenever mum and dad were out of the house…#rebel… needless to say, the outfit was a disaster, rushed and made in sneaky 30 minute sessions and of course my mum found out…lol! Anyway, I love sewing. So when I became a grown up and had weird curves in weird places and had smart weddings and stuff to go to I found that all the ‘body-con’ dresses that I loved didn’t fit me in the right places, skater dresses were often too long (I’m a short-arse) and smart trousers? Forget it! Clothes shopping just became depressing (probably why my bag and shoe collection grew so monstrously, it was pretty insane at one point). I’ve never been large or skinny, just short with super narrow shoulders, a small bust and waist and a fabulous set of hips paired with a round bottom! But feeling frumpy and short (despite the crazy high heels) was a regular feeling and I couldn’t afford expensive luxury clothes so I took all the times I had watched my mum sew and create and started to teach myself how to sew clothes.

Number 1 rule: If you aren’t going to look for a solution, don’t waste your energy or my time complaining about it! Every problem is the opportunity to find a fabulously sparkly solution 😀

So I started ‘borrowing’ the college sewing machine until my sister bought me my very own IKEA sewing machine for Christmas, it has been the most used gift I have ever owned. Now my wardrobe actually fits me, and I can wear whatever I want! And if I see something I like online, I can create my own version of it and it is the beeest feeling ever when people compliment my dresses!

Fabric stores are pretty few and far between here but when I’m having a bad day it’s heaven browsing all the sparkly lace, shiny satin, dreamy silks, buttons…oh god the buttons and the beads and the ribbons and all the different trims! …the list can go on for a while. If happiness could be a place, a well stocked dress-making store would be it! And Mary at Crafters Basket has this covered…she has luxury madeby the angels! (#notsponsored but seriously she’s got fab stuff!)

So there you have it… theatre design fanatic, sewing junkie and the proud owner of bright orange hair! Pink is usually my go-to but it’s just so mainstream now 😉

So what’s up with the blog? Well…after much contemplation and literally all of my friends telling me to, my boyfriends mum, her friends and anyone who is unlucky enough to wear my mad costume designs and borrow them for nights out (Maresa my girl ;p) I am taking the plunge and currently designing my first collection of party dresses!! Some of your faves from my wardrobe are obviously making an appearance! Also… if you haven’t done my survey please please pleeeease do it or share it so I can get as much feedback as possible before launching my collection!

Sharing the craziness of this adventure with you seemed like way more fun than sounding like a pretentious prick telling y’all how I have got it all figured out! Real coaches are amazing…just not my calling!

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