Good People Can be Stupid Too

All Human and Hoods!

Good morning all!! …or afternoon…or night…wherever in the world you are when reading this. Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are taking this week by the horns and whooping some productive ass!

This picture is me…all human and hoods…no make up or contouring…haven’t even brushed my hair to be honest! Because d’you know what? We’re all freaking human, we should celebrate ourselves every now and again! Leave me some comments about what make you FABULOUS! I’ll start… check the comments!

Warning… offensive words have been *’d out 🙂

Anyway…back to the blog…This morning I got up at an ungodly hour, took my boyfriend 5 minutes down the road en route to his workplace and his boss pulled in in front of us and took him to work for me, saved me 40 minutes on the road! Great start to the day! I also attempted what looked like a fairly straightforward calorie busting workout that I found on Pinterest…never trust Pinterest… it burns like a moth**f***er! My legs are jelly and feel as though they will stay like this for some time… #progress …

Anyway, yesterday I wrote out a blog to post today, lots of serious stuff about how other people are narrow minded and racist and how can they not see that the statements they make are offensive and bla bla bla. This was after a rather racist comment was said to me on Sunday night and the rest of yesterday was spent mulling over the sick feeling I had in my stomach because…narrow minded people are so f***ing stupid sometimes!

Last night, I had a revelation… remember that wedding cake falling apart in the van? (check my blog It’s Me if you missed it), well, for all the anger I harboured towards narrow minded people I wasted an entire freaking day without barely an ounce of positive thought. I tried everything I knew to justify the racist comments to make myself feel better while I continuously stabbed myself with sewing pins due to a serious lack of concentration… but nothing worked, except perfecting the art of stabbing myself. I even had a scalding hot shower and washed my, now slightly faded, orange locks because that ALWAYS makes me feel better. But that didn’t work either… how dare this one person take over a whole freaking day of my life and fill it with negative thoughts and upset me so much with such narrow minded thinking.

Revelation: I can be a judgemental bitch sometimes.

Honestly, I think we all can be. So often, when someone has a strong oposing opinion to our own, our immediate response is to judge them as a person and build up anger and disgust that anyone could think in such a way. Instead of stopping to wonder what has lead them to the opinion that they have, we assume that they are just a bad person. This can create some seeeerious warfare in a brains when we KNOW that they are a very good person but if so, then how can they have such awful opinions?

Expecting someone who is a good person to always have wonderful opinions about everything, despite being fed the wrong information which has lead to their questionable opinions, is like expecting someone who has never even drawn a pattern to create a master-piece gown. To create a gown of any kind we must first have some basic skills, we need to know how to choose the right fabric, to envision some sort of concept, to thread a needle at the very least and, perhaps, use a pair of scissors, we can’t just hand a baby a sewing project and expect miracles! So if someone who has never made anything out of fabric before gets the worst advice ever, makes a gown and it falls apart as soon as someone puts it on…can we blame them for making a somewhat useless (or useful depending on how easily you like your clothes to fall off) item of clothing? Or do we wonder how on earth they managed to create such a disaster?

Over the years there has always been someone dictating and preaching hate, whether it’s Catholics vs Protestants during the Civil War, whether it’s Nazi leaders against the Jews, whether it’s the KKK against humans of colour, whether it’s world leader’s against Muslims, whether it’s in the fight for equal marriage or the legalizing abortion campaign, there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere preaching hate.

My opinion? Hate comes from fear… fear comes from a lack of knowledge… a lack of knowledge comes from a lack in education (or being fed false information). I can’t blame other people for putting me in a shitty mood because of not being educated, it’s not entirely their fault. It can take years of un-learning hate that has been drilled into them from a child or fed through daily news reports, and years to realise that maybe those teachings were in fact wrong before they can even begin to consider a world beyond those thoughts and opinions. It’s not our responsibility to make people change their opinions but I can make it a responsibility to share my knowledge if people want to open their minds to be more understanding. If someone wants to make a dress…there’s a few things I’m still figuring out, it’ll stay in one piece and last multiple events, survive your washing machine and hopefully the colour won’t run, and I have plenty of useful information to get people started but I’m still learning too…as we all should be and do well to remember it because being a judgemental snob will ruin your day… trust me… I will never get those 24 hours back!

Before anyone decides to jump down my throat…I am not condoning racism, the spreading of hate or any other such negative process but what I am suggesting is that before assuming someone is clearly going to burn in hell (or wherever the burning happens) start to consider how they ended up with those thoughts and/or opinions. Sometimes, those are the people that need to witness and experience the open minded kindness, love and humility seen in the world before they can start to change their views.

Good people can have shitty opinons, we’re all human (well…my mother reckons I’m a Martian but hell, I like to think I’m human most of the time) and god knows we all f*** up, but that’s part of life isn’t it? Take the curve ball and keep playing the game…and maybe… juuuuust maybe we might figure out the freaking rules one day, maybe make it to the wedding reception in one piece, but until then… keep rebuilding those layers until you figure out how to make them stick together!

Have an awesome week my friends!

Share the Love

Share the Happiness

Share the Kindness

And stay f***cking FABULOUS!

Love Sonia


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2 thoughts on “Good People Can be Stupid Too

  1. Gwan ya mad thing. Love this entry or what ever u call them. I don’t normally read blogs. Hard coming to a new town where people think/presume they know you and all about you…. And Snap btw My hair and courage to speak up. Keep the blogs coming. They’re great.


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