Even Unicorns Need a Break

The latest unicorn attempt…

Hi Friends!! How are you all??

As I stand in the kitchen at my laptop beginning to write I feel strangely chilled out and relaxed. Last week felt crazy busy, every day last week was spent sewing, writing, fretting over designs that weren’t working, having meetings, socialising and organising…the weekend, although wonderful and full of energetic emotions, consisted of a lot of driving and a lot more socialising.

We drove to Dublin this weekend, although not to see the pope as many others did. It was perhaps the best weekend to travel down as there was less traffic than would usually be around on a Saturday afternoon as anyone who didn’t NEED to be in Dublin made a point of not being there! Or at the very least had stayed off the roads for fear of all the anticipated traffic (which then didn’t materialise). Nope, we went down to surprise one of my nearest and dearest for her surprise birthday party, her girlfriend had organised said surprise birthday party and it was the most loving birthday I had been to in a long time! Sometimes, I fear, we can forget how important people are in our lives until we experience something like a surprise birthday where everyone comes together to celebrate how much they love one dear friend! We had a lovely evening, many cocktails flowed and the mountains of food were devoured along with the increadibly chocolatey, rainbow cake filled with crunchy M&M’s!

When first arriving near the ‘big-city’ we visited my sister for lunch as we were staying with her for the night. She had chosen a sweet little cafe in an old manor house re-purposed as a tourist attraction. The menu was full of delicious options…if one was a carnivore or even a pescatarian but my sister and I had one salad option, although I would quite often order salads (I had a fab vegan salad in Cafe Fluer in Sligo last week!) this was a poor attempt as something filling as it was predominantly made up of lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes in it, a couple of green beans and perhaps one full asparagus chopped up! Dinner at my friends the following day was far nicer and she even went to the effort of making a deliciously beautiful vegan cake!

Anyway, point is, although it may have been a week no busier than any other and really a very enjoyable weekend, I regularly forget how much of an introvert I am. Yesterday I woke up completely and utterly drained, my throat was scratchy and sore as though I was contracting a flu, my energy levels were all but depleted and my motivation was out the window! Only my habit of getting up, dressed, making the bed and having a coffee got me started and I had promised for work to be done by the end of yesterday after being away for the weekend so I forced myself to get on with it and stumbled through the day getting a start on some big up-coming projects (Culture Night is going to be AMAZING…just saying!) But I was grumpy and fed up by the time anyone was home. I joked and chatted and tried to distract myself by scrolling through vegan recipes to decide what to eat (eventually making lentil dahl which actually turned out really yum!) but although my brain was saying ‘get yo shit together and act like a grown up’ my body was saying ‘fuck you, let me sleep’.

The Urban Dictionary states that ‘contrary to popular belief, not all introverts are shy. Some may have great social lives and love to see their friends but just need some time to ”recharge” afterwards. The word “introvert” has negative connotations that need to be destroyed.’

I love socialising, but I need to re-charge after I do so and although the past 7 days were far from the most chaotic of my life, they were busy, focused and draining with no recharge time! Today I got up with a pile of designs to develop that I could have forced my brain to attempt to create and end up just as drained as I was by the end of yesterday OR read my book (it was really good, not for the faint hearted though!! The Visitors by Catherine Burns), stick on my favourite soundtracks, wash the mountain of dishes piled up around the sink, tidy up the kitchen and clean out some cupboards that I’ve been looking at for months wishing that they would just clean themselves… I did the latter. I barely spoke to anyone today…and as much as I love my freinds and family…one day of focusing on the little things that will clear my head and re-charge my batteries will boost me into having a more productive rest of the week.

There’s this book, ‘Bounce’ by Robert J Wicks, and he talks about taking out some chill time each day to re-focus, re-charge and prep for a clean slate to start tomorrow. It’s mostly about resilience and avoiding burn-out but re-charging is often something I think we forget about. We sleep at the end of each day so clearly that’s enough to re-charge us, right? Maybe I’m just a weirdo but life is freaking crazy in today’s society, with so much to keep up with and so many different pressures, surely it can only be a good thing if we can find 10 minutes to have to ourselves each day, no phone, no kids, no TV or laptop, just us with our favourite soundtrack and some dishes to wash (or whatever…I like cleaning, I find it therapeutic… and no, I’m not a Stepford wife!).

So here I am, I know I’m blessed to have got a whole day, sometimes it’s 10 minutes stolen here and there, but as an introvert (and honestly I think as a human, it can’t just be an introvert thing!), I need to re-charge. Last week I wrote about remembering to say ‘fuck off’ ( Check out Hell No!!) and that you are the most important person in your life… well remember to take some time out, re-charge those batteries so that we can be that bad ass that gets shit done the rest of the time, take some time away from the blue lights of technology, clean a cupboard out that you’ve been looking at for months (it feels hilariously awesome to finally have it cleaned and tidied! It will probably only last a day but I took a pic just to prove that it was tidy for 5 minutes :p ) read that book that’s been sitting gathering dust, do something that’s for you, not for anyone else, because that will put a smile on your face when you cook dinner and all the saucepans don’t fall out of the topsy-turvy cupboard… and give yourself a freaking break.

You are doing awesome things just by being alive 🙂

Stay Fabulous,

Stay chilled

and keep being AMAZING!!

Much Love



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