Be a Novelty…not a Twat

S’up y’all! Yes…that’s me using my boyfriends Snapchat 🙈 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and had happy fuzzy times wondering around The Works (have you all noticed that it’s my favourite shop?) buying them out of sparkly things, unicorn Faux Fur and mermaid tails!

It was bliss!! ❤

Nothing else too exciting happened over the week…excpet that the new kitchen is NEARLY….FINALLY…FINISHED!! I will post a sneaky pic of the sparkly handles we chose as soon as it’s finished!

In the meantime… Here’s some Bespoke headpieces for saaaaaale!!! Email me to get yo hands on some!

I’m sitting here writing with droopy eyes because somone stayed up last night to finish reading her latest murder crime novel (one of the 3 for £5 in the Works last week!) and only went to sleep at 7am for a few hours. As I lay awake listening to the radio before my partner got up for work, I mulled over the book in my head. It was cleverly written, 2 story lines runnning alongside each other and although they were both very different conclusions…one turned out to be a wife murdering her husband and the other an 18 year old accidentally killing his estranged granny (in self defense as she tried to kill her daughter – his mother) who turned out to be the love child of the main detective! Little did he know he had an 18 year old son… Point is both killers wound up asking for help from a person of influence right before the cases were solved. One went to her uncle, a well-respected, retired seargeant and the other to his father (although that’s how he finds out he has a son!) chief investigator and mulling over the thought of early retirement to spend time with his family, coincidentally! The retired seargant helps his niece bury the body of her dead husband in the foundations of a new veranda, before completing the veranda. The other arrests his son for murder and pulls every string in the book (including his daughter who is a top attorney) and going to every friend in high places to ensure he is given the best chance at trial.

The thought of these two characters faced with similar scenarios and the choices they consequently made (one arrested for being involved in the murder and the other doing the arresting of aforementioned son) lead to two very different knock-on affects. One tried depserately to protect his niece but in doing so not only destroyed his life but his wifes’ and son’s life. The other, although no walk in park by any means, faced up to the challenge and stood by what he believed to be the right thing to do.

Sometimes I wonder how fine this line is, do we always recognise the consequences of our choices before we make them? Doing right by others and doing right by us can often be a fine line to tread and, regularly, it can seem almost impossible. In a previous post I talked about choices, the choices we can make in our day to day lives, the people we choose to have around us (check it out…Hell No!) and how it affects the way in which we live our lives. But do we really think about things before we say them or do them?

Not for one second am I saying that I’ve got this shit figured out, because clearly…I haven’t. But so often I hear people saying things like ‘well they were rude to me so I don’t have to be nice to them’ or ‘they got what they deserved’ or some much nastier comments that I’d rather not write out for fear someone somewhere may think that they are my own thoughts!!

I get it, it can sometimes feel like we are super hard done by in the world, ‘fuck the lot of them’… But what if we did small things like…making a choice to carry a travel mug in the car to reduce the coffee cup landfills… what if we smiled at the rude person in the shop instead returning their negativity… what if we seperated our rubbish to make sure as much is getting recycled as possible to save just one fish along the way… what if we woke up and smiled before a single negative thought came into our head.

Some of you may know, I recently became vegetarian…the path to veganism is a work in progress but my diet is almost entirely plant based now! I feel so much more energetic than I have in a while (apart from not sleeping last night so currently running on Evian and coffee!) and I am consciously eating far healthier and cleaner. This is a choice that I have decided not to impose on anyone. Both my sisters are vegetarians, one of them is vegan and the other has eggs but other than that she eats plant based, other family members and friends are vegan and some are vegan for the health benefits, some for the environmental benefits, others specifically as animal rights activists. Me? If I can have a nutritious and scrumptious dinner and know that no living beings were harmed in the making of it, why wouldn’t I? The fact that it’s far better for the environement and makes me feel healthier… are both pretty good added perks. It seems pretty black and white to me, but, as I said, I am not forcing my opinions or choices on others.

This came up in conversation recently, actually it comes up quite a lot! Most people are relatively understanding of the vegetarian thing…a lot of people are very not inderstanding of the vegan thing… In the conversation that stuck with me most, it was said that being vegan is a ‘novelty’ and that they hold a lot of respect for the person who can raise and kill their own food to survive. Look… we live in a pretty advanced country, not as advanced as some, but advanced in many ways. Even the back-arse of nowhere, Bally-go-backwards as my mother has always referred to rural Ireland, we absolutely are spoilt in that we do not have to kill to survive, there are so many plant based options readily available (far more readily available than I actually realised, although if ButterCreamDream Bakery could find a way to deliver to Fermanagh I would hugely appreciate it :p ) even in Bally-go-backwards that the choice has been given to us to make.

The other day I was watching a series on Netflix about weird and wonderful cultures across the globe. (I can’t watch crime dramas or movies when I’m designing/making because I get way too involved in the shows and end up forgetting that I’m working so I stick to documentaries that I can listen to!) One of the cultures was on some teeny tiny island somewhere where the village children were being educated to ensure that they would look to the ‘modern world’ for education, employment and a ‘better life’… as it was described. The people lived a very simple life, it made me slightly envious in many ways. Hpwever, their food consisted largely of whatever whale or dolphin they might catch that week and that would feed the whole village until they managed to catch another. At first, I grimaced, the thought of ripping a dolphin open made me gag. As a vegetarian I should be wholly against this lifestyle…shouldn’t I? But this simple, beautiful, way of life, without technology or wifi, without imports and exports, without the social pressures of the selfie game, took place on a beautiful beach, with huts made from the earth, clothes spun from the plants, food provided by the sea…no plastic, no landfills, no polution… This way of life was a reminder that we may be blessed with the choice of certain lifestyles, we may have the luxury of choosing cruelty free…but it is choices made by the modern world, as it became the world that we live in today, that have lead us to a point where choosing to do good when it can sometimes seem easier not to care…is more important than ever.

Judging is not in my mindset, what goes through your head and leads to your choices are entirely your decision. And I’m not telling everyone that they should start eating plant based (although if you do…YAAAAY!) but if we could all make a choice, just one little choice every day, to make the world a better place…isn’t that our duty as human beings living in a world of plenty to make choices that will make the world a better place?

A few months ago I was having coffee with a journalist to promote our production of ‘Peter Pan: Welcome to Neverland’. When asked about funding and financial resources for producing theatre, Treasa (my better theatre-half and co-founder of our wonderful company The Rabbits Riot Theatre Company….go check out facebook 😉 ) laughed and said even if we were given €1million we’d still be building sets out of recycled materials and up-cycling old jeans to make waistcoats! This is the happy truth, when we have money to spend we invest in people, talents, skills…sure we have to spend something on set and costumes, even upcycled corsets need new eyelets, but it’s making a choice to use old election posters to build trees and nursery’s instead of buying a bunch of stuff when we really don’t need to, raiding everyone’s crappy jeans and painting them up to look like leather and cutting up debs dresses instead of spending a fortune on a costume that will only end up being upcycled again at some point anyway!

Small choices, every day, paint a bigger, happier picture. Smile at the checkout clerk… you’ve no idea why they aren’t in great form… buy a re-usable coffee cup and every now and again have a vegatarian dinner 🙂

Stay fabulous my wonderful friends,

Sparkly kitchen handles will be up next week!

Much Love


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