Written in the Stars?


Happy New Year to each and every one of you! May it be a year of growth, love, peace and change in all the best possible ways!

How is everyone settling into 2019? It always feels rather odd writing new figures down when booking dates for things…this is the first year that I haven’t spent the first week writing the wrong year each time! I think that comes from running a business though…we’ve been writing ‘2019’ down for a few months now as we planned for the beginning of the year, but that does not mean it has been a chilled transition by any means!

For anyone who has found the first week a bit rocky…hang in there, you are nearly there! For any of you astronomers out there who haven’t quite realised that you can feel the energy shifting…the energy is shifting and the moon was doing weird things last week so that’s probably why you feel like crap BUT we are now officially in a new year! Christmas is a weird time…the rush, the mayhem, the crazy shoppers, the family get togethers…and then there is the New Year sing song, holding hands with people you barely know as you sing in the next faze of your life and give everyone hugs and kisses…and then there’s the New Years Resolutions that we’ve been making since we were old enough to make one: 1) learn to skateboard, 2) actually do my homework the day I get it, 3) study for 3 hours every day so I can get into college, 4) run for an hour every morning, 5) STOP EATING SUGAR! 6) Dry January… (lasted about 6 days in college!), 7) earn an actual salary 8) Travel the world and climb Everest! … I filled non of these…ever! January always started well but then life gets in the way, the gym membership gets paid every month and neeever gets used, ah sure one drink with the girls won’t hurt, my homework was NEVER done the day I got it (unless it was due the next day ha!) and for the record… I still don’t know how to skateboard! Maybe one day! I tried taking up running in 2017…got really good at it in the gym but driving the whole way to the gym just for a treadmill?? So I tried running outside but it was cold…and snowy…and running made me sweaty so I couldn’t wear too many layers but getting cold resulted in a kidney infection and antibiotics and bed for a week sooo… not for me! College I did manage to get into but I have a sporadic personality so one day I could study for four hours and the next day I would just doodle for four hours. Sugar has always won… I tried, like I really really reeeeeeally tried, last year I did pretty well over the summer but I was on a Slimfast diet and if I was giving up my elaborate dinners for shakes I wasn’t about to waste that effort and gorge on sugar! Sugar is still a beautiful part of my life…in moderation of course! Ya…one year I was determined that Dad and I were going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and then work our way to Everest, the closest I got was visiting my Granny who lives in the foothills of Mt Kenya where we could see the snowcapped peak from her veranda! That was close enough for me!

Although I have endless amounts of respect for people who manage to maintain their ‘New Years Resolutions’ I have never been one of those people. Setting goals and achieveing them is one thing…I teach goal setting and action plans to students so I SHOULD know how to do that (and follow through LOL!) and I smash goals all the time along with my business Girl Boss, we whoop the ass of every goal we set and then some but NYR’s I just cannot get my head around them. Always and forever, as far back as I can remember, I have not enjoyed being like anyone else or being ‘part of the crowd’, it’s never been an enjoyable experience for me…and I am an Aries through and through! Bull headed, hot headed and fiercely passionate…but on my own terms. So NYR’s are on everyone else’s terms, someone somewhere said that they should become and thing and now they are a thing and as long as I have tried (and I have triiiiied!) to go along with the generally global time frame of NYR’s I have consistently, almost admirable, failed.

So, as the last qaurter of 2018 was taking over my life and work was going bananas and awful things were happening and wonderful things were happening and pendulum of balance was sending me flying off the trampoline with such a wonderful high just to come crashing back down with such force the canvas might break, my mind occasionally wondered into 2019 and what was waiting for me on the other side of that midnight chime and awkward hugging. Often what we do when wondering about the future is to hope that it will be better than the present but then do nothing about the present in order to make the future better and in the end we blame our past selves for our shitty present and the circle continues. Now, in 2017 I learned that this circle of shitty now and shitty later and crazy pendulums must be levelled out by a gradual process of choices…but here I was October 2018 having disregarded EVERYTHING I learned in 2017 and blaming shitty past self for shitty present self and so predicting a shitty future self to find itself in the exact same predicament! “NYR’s are going to change this for me,” I thought to myself…then laughed as I thought of every other failed NYR over my lifetime and scolded myself for letting all my hard work in 2017 become yet another of those unfulfilled, somewhat failed, goals of ‘self improvement’ ‘stress management’ ‘smart choices’ ‘positive self talk’ etc, etc, etc. And then scolded myself for scolding myself becasue that is regarded as negative self-talk and was not going to help the situation!

Action plan:

I needed a plan…a plan that was most DEFINITELY going to reduce future self’s stress levels and that future self would be thanking present self for rather than scolding present self and every self would be a lot happier… I looked around, the world was making me sad, articles of the global plastic problem and species going extinct and fish dying suddenly decided to jump onto the tramploine and start throwing the pendulum out of swing! Why could I not just focus on one daft thing at a time instead of freaking out that the world was going to die and the turtles were going to go extinct because my re-usable coffee cub broke and I was back to using single use coffee cups… I was tired, stressed, way happy when I was happy and seriously thick with myself when I was sad and now I was killing all the damn turtles!! FFS!! I needed a new cup… I needed a cup and then the turtles would be ok…so I bought a cup and felt better. Still needed a POA for future self though… why was I so bouncy??!! What would past self, who seemed to have her shit way more together, do? Past self would meditate and have a nice long yoga session and chill the F out… NO TIME! Sleep was being scheduled and God if I fell asleep driving becasue I had to make time for meditation I would be pissed with Karma (can one be pissed with Karma?).

Ok… So… Turtles have been saved, coffee addiction getting worse and NYR destined to fail. Well, I was still alive and was managing to muddle through so my solution? Sure just keep going, get to Christmas then figure everything else out! 11 days before Christmas present self is SCREAMING at past self… “WHY THE F DIDN’T YOU START MEDITATING! SICK, TIRED, LOST MY VOICE, PASSED OUT BETWEEN SHOWS AND YOU COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS!!” New goal: stay alive until Christmas Eve then sleep…alot…

Lots of sleep, a few drinks on Christmas Day and Boxing Day and I feel the need to make a plan… New Years Eve is only a few days away and anything started on the 1st of January is DESTINED to fail. Present Self has a solution! Start now…no time like the present! Present Self wants to set a goal, do something that future self will thank you for not scream at you for while dying of the flu, still working and on the brink of collapse. Past Self begs for change because future self will not survive what past self endured… so 2017 self gets involved and helps set a goal! Short term, manageable, achieveable and vitaly important for the success of 2019 (and to process the insane roller-coaster, trampoline, Takashi Castle emotional obstacle coarse that was 2018)… start in 2018 so teeeechnically it isn’t a NYR! Yaaaaaay!! So 5 days before New Years I did 30 minutes of Yoga and meditation as the 1st day of a 30 day challenge. I now am on day 15, half way through, the 30 day self-care challenge! Whoop!! Future self will be singing the praises of present self as we make better choices, enjoy life more and face every challenge with a calmer head than 2018.

Weird thought though… all this meditation and yoga has me re-aligning my chakras and reconnecting with nature and the universe (some may call this gobbledeegook but if it helps me stay grounded and gives me a greater good to feel connected to then no harm done) so I looked up my horoscope, just for a browse… when I discovered how much of a text book Aries I was a few years ago I’ve gradually started to question this whole ‘written in the stars’ way of thinking… According to my Horoscope this year is to be a year of learning, teaching, writing, growth, adventure and beliefs… a movement in everything I’ve been hoping to fill this year with is written in the stars and I just have to go out and get it!

With all the chaos that comes with the end of a year it is often balanced with reflection at the start of the next. Reflection, harvesting the lessons and skills, showing grattitude and humility for the incredible blessings and creating a path through which we can move forward, being ever present as well look to the future. Regardless of whether you read your horoscope, believe in a God, live a religion or are just mosying along trying to do your best, remember, always do something today that your future self will thank you for, do something that makes you happy, that takes a step towards finding your destiny, living your purpose or just putting a smile on your face…because without our present self feeling happiness, peace and excitement…what are we doing here?

Challenge for 2019:

Find your Happy Place, make time for your Happy Place and live for the blessings that will flow as you acknowledge and accept the beauty that is Happiness and Peace ❤

And remember your re-usable coffee cup!!

Peace and Love Everybody ❤


Sonia xxx

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