About Me


My name is Sonia, I love chocolate, adore dogs (and all animals respectively but…I am a dog person!) and walks by the lake absolutely give me life!

My life has become about helping others, just like you, find and amplify peace, joy and excitement in their lives!

Why do I want to help?? It usually starts somewhere dark…

It was, indeed, a dark time for me. I felt like the world was caving in and I was scared to leave my room, never mind the house. Darkness clouded my every thought and I wondered how could I keep going after everything I had been through. Anxiety and depression crippled me as I pushed so many people away. Doctors tried to help but they didn’t quite get it…after some tumbles down some dark rabbit holes, I had a realisation.

One day I woke up and thought…I can stay like this forever or I can do something about it. I realised that in order to change, I had to accept where I was, accept who I was, that I was flawed and that if I did not make the changes, I would be stuck in that cycle…for eternity… I had to decide who I wanted to be.

Once I decided I wanted to be a stronger, brave, kinder and less ‘broken’ (a term I used at the time and no longer agree with this terminology!!) version of myself…I wanted to achieve and create and help in ways I had always wanted! I set about reading, listening, learning…and doing. Action leads to action, no matter how small it is, it still counts!!

And so…I started yoga, I began practising mindset habits (a part of me almost wanted to prove that all this ‘power of your mind’ was actually a pile of BS!), the more I applied, the more I felt changes in energy and the more I felt changes, the more I wanted to keep moving forward. I started a theatre company with Treasa, the Rabbits Riot Theatre Company, and found all my creative skill come bubbling to the surface…and I wanted to share that!

The more self work I did, the more I wanted to share the power of the mind with others and the more I wanted others to see their creative potential alongside it!

With that my journey began…through theatre, coaching, YouTube, instagram…whatever format people can relate to most…helping others find their creativity and explore it, helping people retrain their mindset and break through the negative thoughts and helping people create lives of their own making…and that is where I am today!

There is so, so, so much more that I want to do, create and achieve and I know that, truly, I am only getting started!

So…how can this wild, unicorn coloured person help you?

I help people retrain their mindset for a happier, more confident life. Often creative expression can be an incredibly healing process for many but the daunting struggle to start can just feel too overwhelming! Our bodies are our temples…helping you live your healthiest live will transform you in ways you couldn’t even imagine!

Click here to see how best I can help you!

You are Worthy, You are Powerful, you are Loved ❤

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